Meet The Team

To produce great work, you need a great team who love what they do, enjoy working together, motivate each other and are always striving for new challenges and improvements.

  • Sarah Gibson

    Co-founder + Co-Director

  • Nicholas Karlovasitis

    Co-founder + Co-Director

  • Natalie Hodson

    National Sales Manager

  • Vanessa Casales

    Senior Project Consultant QLD / International

  • Bree Pobie

    Project Consultant NSW / ACT

  • Esther Van Der Waarden

    Project Consultant WA / SA

  • Abbey Nicoll

    Project Coordinator

  • Ash Hilton

    Client Relationship Manager VIC

  • Cat Yenn

    Marketing Manager

  • Anthony Franco

    Design Assistant

  • Faye Talour

    Logistics Coordinator

  • Rhys Cooper

    Production + Development Manager

  • Tyson Murphy

    Logistics + Supply Chain Manager

  • Michaela Rembel

    Marketing + Graphics Coodinator