Our COVID-19 Update

We hope you're safe. We're good and we've made a playlist.

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To all of our clients, suppliers, friends and supporters. Firstly, we hope you are all staying healthy and safe in what are difficult and uncertain times.

To keep it short, we have yet to be impacted by the virus and have taken measures to ensure the continuity of our operations and to keep our team and work environment as safe as possible.

For our clients - We have no issues with any of our manufacturing. We are also working very closely with our freight and logistics partners to try to mitigate any delays.

For our suppliers - We have no plans to scale back our operations as it is more important than ever for our industry to work together and support each other.

For those who are working in smaller teams, emptier offices, from home or would just like something to distract you from the constant bad news - here’s a playlist our team put together to brighten the mood. We hope it helps bring a smile in light of the challenges we are facing together.

As always, feel free to keep in touch with us!

Stay safe and look after each other.


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