I'll Be Happy When #4 - Sydney Design Festival 2019

With Arent+Pyke, Stewart Hollenstein, Huseyin Sami.

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Perfection is paralysing. Success in design is a balancing act between productivity and creativity. How do you know when your work is finished? Where do you draw the line between success and satisfaction? When will you be happy with it? DesignByThem hosted the 4th instalment of I'll Be Happy When as part of Sydney Design Festival 2019 where our speakers discussed these teasing questions.

If you're a creative...

Creating for others is hard. Creating for yourself can be even harder. Perfection is something that blocks many creatives from achieving their goals and making their ideas viable in the real world. We'll be diving into the gritty decisions, deadlines, challenges and triumphs that lead up to a finished project to find out where the line is drawn between success and satisfaction.

If you love design...

Have you ever wondered what the final moments of the design process are like? What decisions are made and what ideas got scrapped to bring a design to life? Come and listen to the industry professionals that have brought you some of the most successful products, spaces, campaigns and experiences across Australia and overseas and hear what motivates them.

All proceeds from ticket sales donated to the Black Dog Institute.


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Photography by Josephine Ki

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