Women in Industrial Design

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An insightful evening, hosted by Cathy Lockhart, with guest speakers Sarah Gibson (DesignByThem), Bianca Mediati (Meld Studios), Dorte Bell (Scintilla Design) and Tess Lloyd (Polli Design) discussing the circumstances that contributed to the success of their chosen career.

Presented by the University of Technology Sydney in conjunction with the Design Institute of Australia, the first open conversation with women from industrial design, UTS alumni in Sydney 2015, recognises and celebrates the growing number of women who practice across a range of disciplines with foundations in industrial design.

Over the past decade, the gender mix of the student population in Australian industrial design has changed, with a notable increase in the number of women graduates. However, to date this gender change has not been reflected in the profession – very few women designers are acknowledged or even evident is the country’s major award program. How are women getting into design? What is required to getting on with design? When do women get out?


See all the photos of the night on facebook.

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