Sydney Opera House Foyer, Luchetti Krelle

Featuring Ribs Bench.

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Designed by Stefan Lie and produced by DesignByThem, the Ribs Bench was selected for the world renowned foyers of the Sydney Opera House. Interior design studio, Luchetti Krelle, was contracted to reinvigorate the foyers and selected the Ribs Benches as a design solution for the space.

Specifier: Luchetti Krelle

Client: Sydney Opera House 

Photographer: Georgie Gavaghan

Year completed: 2012

Products Specified: Ribs Bench

"I was delighted when DesignByThem sought a license to produce Ribs. They’re producing them to a wonderful standard, which is demonstrated by the fact that Ribs is featured in the Opera House" -Stefan Lie

Designed by Stefan Lie and produced by Australian company DesignByThem, the Ribs Bench is part of a growing collection of products by Australian designers. In 2011 DesignByThem approached Lie with an offer to take over production of this exceptional example of Australian design.

"It is a huge honour to produce The Ribs Bench with Stefan. He is such an inspiring designer and we're really excited to work with other great Australian designers in the future." - Sarah Gibson

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