We work with the best manufacturers to deliver you affordable well-made products.
Every item we produce is inspected by us to ensure the best quality possible.

  • Prototyping & Experimenting

    The workshop is where we tinker, ponder and test our design ideas. It is a place of discussion, good old fashion arguments and heavy critiquing. It is the chopping board of many ideas and the launch pad of others.

  • A Library of Materials & Components

    DesignByThem loves working with different materials. Our workshop is full of different components made by our manufacturers who are experts in their field.



  • Quality Inspection

    Every item we sell is inspected by us. This ensures consistent quality across our range. Our experience designing and working directly with different materials ensures our keen eye for detail and perfection.

    Component Assembly

    Our products are assembled in our workshop. We use high tolerance fittings to ensure precise alignment.

  • Packing & Delivery

    Our dispatch team sends our orders to clients and customers around the world. Items are carefully packed ensuring safe delivery to your doorstep.