Partridge Bar Stool - Colour Block

$550 AUD

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Dusty Pink
Dusty Blue
Dusty Olive
Warm Grey
Blockout Black
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Ash Black Brackets
Ash White Brackets
Oak Black Brackets
Oak White Brackets

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FSC Ash timber, aluminum brackets, steel brace, hard-wearing paint finish custom match to any colour you desire.

Height 690 mm, Seat 320 Ø mm

Lead Time
6-8 weeks

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  • About

    The Partridge Range is now available in custom colours. Dark or light, bright or pastel, these updated pieces will add a fresh coat to any space. Choose from the 5 standards colours offered or choose your own at no additional cost. For enquiries send an email to

  • Designer's Statement

    “We love the warmth and human properties of timber and wanted to start a range of furniture that will age well as it is passed down to later family generations. Longevity and repairability were key drivers to the design, assembly and material choice." Sarah Gibson

  • Use

    The standard Partridge Bar Stool is not recommended for outdoor use, however, we are able to make a custom version upon request.

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  • Warranty

    5 year warranty based on observance of product maintenance procedures. Excludes fair wear and tear, improper use or vandalism.