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How much plastic waste is Confetti repurposing?

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Confetti Waste Bin | 100% Recycled Plastic Furniture | Sarah Gibson & Nicholas Karlovasitis | DesignByThem

How much plastic waste is Confetti repurposing?

Launched in 2018, the Confetti Range designed by Gibson Karlo continues to serve and delight. Using 100% recycled plastic, the collection offers over 20 vibrant and practical indoor/outdoor products that reuse Australian post-consumer plastic waste, saving it from potential disposal to landfill. Confetti is locally produced and each piece is completely unique.

The Breakdown

Based on a standard 2L milk bottle (approximately 42gm of HDPE), here's an idea of how much recycled plastic is reused when you purchase some of these Confetti favourites*.


Photography by Pete Daly
*Weights are a close approximation.

Confetti In-Situ

  • Confetti Lounge, Coffee Table and Planter at Blackwattle Apartments in Sydney by Turner Studio. Photo credit: Ryan Linnegar.

  • Confetti Planters, images courtesy of Zenith Interiors. Photo credit: Haydn Cattach.

Meet the Designers

  • GibsonKarlo

    Designers Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis established DesignByThem in 2007 after graduating as Industrial Designers at the University of Technology Sydney. As co-directors and industrial designers, the two design products for DesignByThem and have grown the company to include a curated collection of furniture, accessories and lighting from a stellar cohort of Australian designers.

    Nicholas and Sarah believe highly in education, both previous lecturers at the University of Technology Sydney and are continuously involved in design panels and industry talks across Australia. They have won multiple awards, exhibited and worked on projects internationally, and have had their work acquired by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

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