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Published: 8th May 2013

DesignByThem are pleased to introduce the Partridge Stools - the first release of a growing family of humble and well made timber furniture. Designers Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson have produced a simple range that focuses on clean joinery, balanced composition and aesthetic longevity.

“We love the warmth and human properties of timber and wanted to start a range of furniture that will age well as it is passed down to later family generations. Longevity and repairability were key drivers to the design, assembly and material choice." Sarah Gibson

The Partridge Stools are made of a FSC certified solid White Ash Timber and are hand finished with natural oil waxes. Avoiding adhesives, they can be self assembled and use cast aluminium fixtures that sit neatly integrated with the legs and underside of the seat. The Bar Stool has a single-piece steel foot rest, fixed securely through each leg. Both stools are well planted with only a subtle radius to their flat feet.

Designers: Nicholas Karlovasitis & Sarah Gibson.
Material: FSC White Ash Timber, Powder Coated Aluminium
Brackets & Steel Leg Brace.
Finish: Polywax finish *custom finishes available

Partridge Stool
Dimensions: W 348mm x H 440 *custom heights available
Seat : Ø 320mm
Price: RRP $395

Partridge Bar Stool
Dimensions: W 353mm x H 690 *custom heights available
Seat : Ø 320mm
Price: RRP $550

Please contact DesignByThem for wholesale and trade pricing.

Nick and Sarah began DesignByThem in 2007. Their playful furniture and lighting is available through DesignByThem and selected retailers. The collection is continually expanding to include the work of other Australian designers.

Photo credits: Pete Daly


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