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May 2011

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Published: 11th May 2011

Butter Bar Stool - A new addition to the Butter Range of recycled furniture

Australian design brand DesignByThem have released a bar stool as part of a the Butter Range of recycled furniture. The product is made from recycled plastic and is designed by owners and creative directors Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis.

Similar to its smaller sibling, Butter Bar stool is derived mainly from recycled milk containers. It is available in eight great colours and features a small foot print of 400mm x 380mm - ideal for tight spaces.

The designers believe that there is a large difference between designing products that can be recycled and products that are made from recycled materials. Many products can be recycled however the majority use virgin plastic, essentially adding more plastic to a saturated recycling system.

Aside from the sustainable attributes of the product, the stool remains extremely robust, being UV stable and water proof - maintaining the designers’ beliefs that sustainable products should not be compromised. 

The stool can be hand assembled and is cleverly designed from a single piece of material which folds together to become rigid.

Butter Bar Stool is available internationally from DesignByThem through commercial enquiry or online at www.designbythem.com.

Download high res images here

For further information, please contact:

Katie Latta
02 8005 4805 

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