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TomTom Letterbox | Tommy Cehak & GibsonKarlo | DesignByThem 



TomTom Letterbox , First Collaboration Of Many



The TomTom Letterbox is the first of a series of products to be released by DesignByThem in collaboration with other Australian designers. The collaboration between Tommy Cehak, Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson will be the first of many, with other Australian designers on board and new products set to be released next year.


The TomTom Letterbox takes its inspiration from the Australian suburban landscape and the “obsession home owners have with customization. From manicured gardens to concrete rendering and colour schemes, the possibilities for making one’s home unique seems endless.” Says Tommy Cehak.


DesignByThem choose to partner with Tommy for his creativity and multi-disciplinary approach. Tommy has a design background but has gone on to win numerous awards for his work in advertising. “Tommy is really good with the concepts and we love the refining process, so it was a good match” says Nick.


The TomTom Letterbox comes in five great colours and features a turned timber post. Making use of a proven, iconic shape, and using quality materials and fittings, the TomTom is an object which can be easily maintained and updated over time. Often the first impression of a home, the TomTom letterbox from DesignByThem gives home owners the chance to reflect their personality and style from the front gate.


DesignByThem was formed by Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson in late 2006 with the mission of creating an Australian design brand that brings together and represents the talent of Australian designers.



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