Fractal Dining Table

$980 AUD

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Steel legs, top embedded with magnets and available in plywood, veneer or laminate

827 W x 716 D x 745 H mm per segment

Lead Time
8-10 weeks

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    The Fractal Dining Table addresses the need for versatile solutions for small urban living spaces and dynamic workplaces.

    The modular design can adapt to its surroundings ensuring the table is a long-lasting addition to the home or workplace. With its many configurations, the Fractal Dining Table can integrate seamlessly from a large meeting table to a hot desk, small dining table or side table. Its system of hidden magnets effortlessly aligns and holds each module into position, allowing it to be placed into many different configurations.

    ** Price is per single Fractal

  • Designer's Statement

    "After seeing people play and interact with the Fractal Side Table, we wanted to take the same playfulness and bring it in to the office and home environments in a larger form. In doing that it was important we maintain the practical and fun nature of the table without it requiring any moving parts or mechanisms" - Nick

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  • Warranty

    5 year warranty based on observance of product maintenance procedures. Excludes fair wear and tear, improper use or vandalism.

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