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I do love this dial . However wen I saw in real life it seemed smaller in scale than in the photos ? And of course would love it to have a reel to combine those famous words ‘form and function’

DesignByThem said:

Hi Fotini,

Thanks so much for your feedback, we always appreciate it. The Dial Hose Hanger is 50cm in diameter and we thought that if it were any bigger it might not be very convenient for a lot of households. In saying that, our team is always happy to discuss any custom requests our customers may have to work out a suitable solution to your needs.
Feel free to email if you have any more questions or call 02 8005 4805 if you just want to have a chat!


Cathy said:

I have this hose hanger in black and I love it! It is on a brick wall with Boston ivy. Great contrast with the green of the leaves in the warm months and the red in the Autumn.

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