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How much plastic waste is Confetti repurposing?

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Confetti Waste Bin | 100% Recycled Plastic Furniture | Sarah Gibson & Nicholas Karlovasitis | DesignByThem

How much plastic waste is Confetti repurposing?

Launched in 2018, the Confetti Range designed by Gibson Karlo continues to serve and delight. Using 100% recycled plastic, the collection offers over 20 vibrant and practical indoor/outdoor products that reuse Australian post-consumer plastic waste, saving it from potential disposal to landfill. Confetti is locally produced and each piece is completely unique.

The Breakdown

Based on a standard 2L milk bottle (approximately 42gm of HDPE), here's an idea of how much recycled plastic is reused when you purchase some of these Confetti favourites*.


Photography by Pete Daly
*Weights are a close approximation.

Confetti In-Situ

  • Confetti Lounge, Coffee Table and Planter at Blackwattle Apartments in Sydney by Turner Studio. Photo credit: Ryan Linnegar.

  • Confetti Planters, images courtesy of Zenith Interiors. Photo credit: Haydn Cattach.

Meet the Designers

  • GibsonKarlo

    Sarah Gibson & Nicholas Karlovasitis

    Sarah and Nick established DesignByThem in 2007 after graduating as Industrial Designers at the University of Technology Sydney. As co-directors, the two design products for DesignBythem and have grown the company to include a curated collection of furniture, accessories and lighting from a stellar cohort of Australian designers.

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