Confetti Waste Bin

Waste Not, Want Not.

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Confetti Waste Bin | 100% Recycled Plastic | DesignByThem

Waste Not, Want Not

Meet the Confetti Waste Bin by GibsonKarlo, your new recycled plastic desk pal.
From lolly wrappers to scrapped ideas, the Confetti Waste Bin is at your disposal. Ideal for offices and homes alike, the compact wastebasket brings a vibrant and unique aesthetic to the humble rubbish bin.

Confetti Waste Bin | 100% Recycled Plastic | DesignByThem

Made from waste, for waste.

Joining the ever-growing Confetti Collection of sustainable furniture and accessories, the new waste bin features the collection's signature durable and easy to clean 100% recycled plastic shell with a removable mesh insert.

Confetti Waste Bin | 100% Recycled Plastic | DesignByThem

Environmentally conscious and truly individual, every Confetti piece comes with its own story with unique variations in the recycled plastic finish.


Photography by Pete Daly

Meet the Designers

  • GibsonKarlo

    Sarah Gibson & Nicholas Karlovasitis

    Sarah and Nick established DesignByThem in 2007 after graduating as Industrial Designers at the University of Technology Sydney. As co-directors, the two design products for DesignBythem and have grown the company to include a curated collection of furniture, accessories and lighting from a stellar cohort of Australian designers.

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