Confetti Umbrella Stand by GibsonKarlo

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Confetti Umbrella Stand by GibsonKarlo for DesignByThem

Say hello to the new Confetti Umbrella Stand. Made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic, the Confetti Umbrella Stand is here to keep your entryway neat and dry. Sustainable and super durable, the umbrella stand is the latest addition to the Confetti Range by GibsonKarlo which includes tables, stools and planters.

Confetti Umbrella Stand by GibsonKarlo for DesignByThem

Featuring large circular handholds, the Confetti Umbrella Stand can be easily moved and emptied on rainy days.

Inviting and truly individual, every Confetti Umbrella Stand comes with its own story and colour variation. Consisting of post-consumer and factory plastic waste, its 100% recycled nature means that no two pieces are alike.

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Photography by Fiona Susanto

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Images are a guide only. Product is static and does not swivel.

Meet the Designer

  • GibsonKarlo | Sarah Gibson & Nick Karlovasitis | Industrial Designers & Founders
  • GibsonKarlo

    DesignByThem was founded by industrial designers Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson, also known as GibsonKarlo, in 2007 with the mission to create an Australian design brand that showcases the work of Australian designers. Their approach to design and passion for education is reflected in the products and culture of the company.

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