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Published: 17th February 2016

The new DesignByThem showroom in Chippendale offers
design lovers a chance to immerse themselves in the
world of product design.

 DesignByThem Sydney Showroom

Above: Outside 109 Shepherd St, Chippendale, Sydney.
Pete Daly

DesignByThem has opened their first ever showroom in Chippendale, Sydney as an extension of their ever-growing design studio and workshop. The open plan space is where ideas are turned into reality with pieces designed, developed and tested right alongside the furniture and accessories available to purchase. “We want to educate people about the importance of Australian design', says designer and co-founder Nicholas Karlovasitis, 'and not just about our products”.

As a result the space has hosted a series of talks and workshops, aimed at creating discussion and awareness around a range of topics including cross industry collaboration and women in design. Customers can also book a presentation with the designers to gain a better insight into the products. “We have a design first approach that is reflected in our products. We hope to share that with our customers by giving them a chance to come in and see for themselves.” says fellow designer and cofounder Sarah Gibson.

Established in 2007 with a mission to create a distinctive Australian design brand, DesignByThem have proven successful in bringing together some of Australia’s most talented designers.

range offers everyday objects that are innovative and durable. A variety of products are available from accessories, such as the best-selling and versatile Dial Hanger, to larger indoor/outdoor furniture.

The showroom is
open weekdays from 9-5pm and on weekends by appointment.

Above: DesignByThem Showroom.
Below: Alfred Magazine Rack, Alfred Umbrella Stand, Fractal, Treeling, TomTom Letterbox.

Photography: Michael Wickham

Co-founder & Designer: Sarah Gibson
Photography: Michael Wickham

Co-founder & Designer: Nick Karlovasitis
Photography: Michael Wickham

Above: Nuptial Pendant, Partridge Dining Table, Partridge Chair.
Photography: Pete Daly

The Studio

Just upstairs of the vibrant showroom is the DesignByThem studio where the team work on new designs and projects of all different sizes. Their products are made all around the world including Australia, Asia and the USA with the company offering the choice of locally made or overseas versions for most of the products.

Co-founders & Designers: Sarah Gibson, Nick Karlovasitis.
Photography: Michael Wickham

Above: Tuck Stool, Table & Bar Stool.
Below: In the studio.
Photography: Pete Daly

The Workshop

Continuing from the showroom is the entrance to the DesignByThem workshop. Here the team inspect, assemble and pack the goods before sending them off to their new homes.

Photography below: Pete Daly 


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