Them Chair

July 2014

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Published: 25th July 2014

Them Chair is the latest addition to DesignByThem's timber range, the fourth in the growing collection of Australian made timber furniture by Sydney based DesignByThem.

“Them Chair is a modern interpretation of the enduring furniture designs of the 1960’s, inspired by a time when furniture was handcrafted and built to last. We have used the latest technology to reinterpret the design into a reduced form" - Sarah Gibson.

Subtle modern elements of Them Chair demonstrate Sarah and Nick’s attention to detail, such as the latest CNC technology used to create the high tolerance fittings. Them Chair has the ability to be flat-packed and assembled by the user; functions essential to the global economy, yet uncommon in a product with this level of craftsmanship.

DesignByThem have designed Them Chair to be both aesthetically and environmentally durable. The dense FSC timber used to make the Them Chair is sure to last the test of time. Combining a classic aesthetic with sustainable living, it is the quintessential addition to any collection.

Designers: Nicholas Karlovasitis & Sarah Gibson
Material: FSC certified timber
Finish: Water based polyurethane
Dimensions: H 764mm  x W 415mm x D 485mm 
Price: RRP $1,350
Available: October 2014

Please contact DesignByThem for wholesale and trade pricing. 

Nick and Sarah began DesignByThem in 2007. Their playful furniture and lighting is available through DesignByThem and selected retailers. The collection is continually expanding to include the work of other Australian designers.

Photo credits: Pete Daly & Nicole England

Download high res images here

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