Dial Hose Hanger

January 2014

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Published: 6th January 2014

DesignByThem introduces the Dial Hose Hanger - a clean and playful design that keeps the hose tidy and adds colour to the great outdoors.

"We loved the idea of playing with scale and colour - it's simple, playful and celebrates the Aussie back yard." - Sarah Gibson   

The simple contruction is easy to assembly and the bright powder coated metal is compact and durable.

Designers: Nicholas Karlovasitis & Sarah Gibson.
Material: Zinc plated steel.
Finish: Powder coated.
Dimensions: Dial Ø 500mm  x Mount Ø 254mm x Depth 110mm
Price: RRP $195
Options: Available with a magnetic hose clip.

Dial Hanger is a registered design.

Available end of February 2014. Please contact DesignByThem for wholesale and trade pricing. 

Nick and Sarah began DesignByThem in 2007. Their playful furniture and lighting is available through DesignByThem and selected retailers. The collection is continually expanding to include the work of other Australian designers.

Photo credits: Pete Daly

Download high res images here

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