Fractal Table

November 2012

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Published: 30th November 2012

DesignByThem introduces Fractal

The Fractal Table is a modular table design by Nick Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson. Multi-functional by design, Fractal can be assembled in various configurations, or can be divided into segments and used as (side) tables or stools. Embedded magnets ensure precise alignment in all configurations.

"Creating a furniture piece that is truly multifunctional as well as aesthetically pleasing is quite challenging.We wanted the table to be simple, practical and fun to use without requiring any moving parts/mechanisims.The simplicity and versatility of the design appealed to us."

Materials: walnut and hoop pine veneer (FSC and E0 rated). Custom tops and base colours available on request.
Dimensions: Ø970mm x H364mm
Individual Piece Dimensions: W430mm x H364mm x D353mm.

Nick and Sarah began DesignByThem in 2007. Their playful furniture and lighting is available through DesignByThem and selected retailers. The collection is continually expanding to include the work of other Australian designers.

Photo credits: Pete Daly


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